Director's Desk

Greetings from BIPL! We would like to welcome each of you to our family at BIPL Pvt Construction Ltd.

Our goal is to go one step beyond the reality of your imagination. We wish to build for you a home which is equipped with all the post planning of a home after its raw form has been delivered.

We believe in a follow up relationship, to provide our customers more than just the key to their apartment in a scheme!

Punctuality and precision are our noteworthy characteristics and are woven deeply into our company’s culture.

We also heavily rely on Research and Development while involved in the construction of our projects. 

Our company has a huge team involved in market research surveys, technical feasibility of various factors before handing over the final home to our customers.

Taking care of the small yet extremely important needs of our investors, we make sure that the crucial needs of every home are already included in each unit. Be it electrical points or quota stone fittings as well as all the other infinite detailing needed in a structure…

We do it all…which converts a house into a home.

Often money buys the space but not the utility. Here at BIPL we even cater to that.

Step in to our office, to experience a new side of high class living....step into a new home.

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.
- Mohandas Gandhi